One of my favorite things to do in Paris is walk the streets, courtyards and quays at night.  Somehow the quality of light here at night is different from anywhere else I have ever  been.  It seems to be luminous yet diffused, softening hard edges while magnifying colors that dance in ripples on the Seine.  As I hope the below collection of pictures from my walk the other night convey, it creates an almost otherworldly effect, transporting one into a dreamlike scene from a Vincent van Gogh painting.

As I have mentioned in this blog before, Midnight in Paris is one of my favorite films.  It tells the tale of a writer, who on vacation in Paris manages to “slip” back through time on his nightly walks around the city, to find himself rubbing shoulders with the Lost Generation in the 1920’s.  It is not so much this specific storyline that captures me, but the idea that walking around the dreamy world of Paris at night, anything is possible.  Under her luscious cloak of darkness, Paris seems to shed linear time and become ageless.  As portrayed in the film, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to stumble across a scene suspended in time, so taken in by the beauty of Paris at night that they could be forgiven for not realizing their time had long passed.

Should you ever come to Paris, I encourage you too to roam the city by night with open heart and mind.  Surrender to her beauty and embrace the magic, and for that moment, you will find yourself at the heart of eternity.


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