Welcome to Inspired Wander!  This blog is a narrative on my past, present and future travels.  Words that I hope best describe me?  Insatiable wanderer, gypsy, star gazer, incurable dreamer, loving, creative, fun…and a bit crazy, in the best possible way.

I am a passionate Hotelier living in Halifax on Canada’s beautiful east coast, and also have a background in Interior Design.  Prior to settling in Nova Scotia, my career and studies took me from Regina to Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, New York and Halifax.  I moved a total of 9 times in 10 years, and loved it!  The nomadic seeds were sown.

After putting down roots with my partner in Halifax, travel became my way to continue to soar free and answer the call of my gypsy heart.  Some of the wonderful places I have visited abroad over the past few years include London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Granada, Venice, Istanbul and Prague.  With every trip my wanderlust only grows deeper and my need to travel more intense.

I feel like I am truly my most authentic self while on the road.  Driving through the Rocky Mountains, hiking in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Spain, wandering the Marais in Paris, kayaking among the Aboriginal pictographs at Bon Echo park or trying to dance flamenco in a gypsy cave in Sacromonte…bliss.  To me, travel is synonymous with freedom, adventure and discovery.  Discovery of self and our amazing world.

I hope you will enjoy reliving my adventures and misadventures through my images and reflections as much as I do!  A few pictures from my travels are featured below.

Wishing you inspiration and wander!

Robert Goldsworthy


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