Well my friends, I have arrived!

It is so hard to believe that after months of planning…and many, many years of dreaming, I am finally transplanted into Paris for my sabbatical!  I am sitting in my new apartment writing this post, having a giant bowl of café au lait while looking out through the 2 huge French windows in my living room, admiring Rue Saint Antoine and Rue de Turenne coming to life below.

I spent much of my first few days in Paris walking this gorgeous city, marveling at the new spring life everywhere.  Tender young greens and splashes of floral emerging.  This glorious season is in its infancy now, and I am so looking forward to experiencing it fully.  I can already appreciate why Paris it is considered by many to be at its most beautiful in the springtime.  Everything seems fresh and bursting forth with new life.  The weather is mild, almost gentle and the air fragrant.  Planning to arrive a few days before taking occupancy of my apartment was wise.  It gave me some time to rest, recalibrate and get on Pairs time.

My apartment is brilliant…I feel like I have hit the real estate equivalent of the jackpot!  I am on the third floor of a 16th century building in the heart of the Marais.  Overlooking the intersection of two bustling streets and just a stones throw from Place des Vosges, Le Village Saint-Paul and the Seine, it is truly a priceless location!  It is one of those rare instances when something turns out to be far better then expected.  Its ancient character has been lovingly preserved, with wooden beamed ceilings, exposed stone walls and original hardware everywhere.  Spacious by Parisian standards it also has every modern convenience, including a North American style refrigerator, washing machine, double Jacuzzi tub with separate rain shower and lightening fast Wi-Fi.  I am a lucky boy!

That being said, I have quickly come to appreciate that living in a residential setting here versus staying in a hotel for a few days will take some getting use to.  It took me several minutes just to figure out the shower, which I shit you not, has 3 different heads and 4 knobs.  I have only figured out how to use the microwave/oven on one setting that is symbolized by a drawing of a fish with squiggly lines through it, and it will take me a few more days to pluck up the courage to even attempt a load of laundry.  The washer/dryer has 14 settings on a dial (none of which I can read), and from what I can gather another 31 settings on the digital screen/key pad (none of which I can understand).  Oh well, I think I will have a second bowl of café au lait, then go for a walk to the Jardin du Luxembourg…the laundry can wait!

I have included a few pictures of my new apartment, and the first foliage of spring that I hope capture the delicate beauty of this season.  Until next time, Sois bien mes amis!


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