As I begin to prepare for my upcoming departure to Paris, it gives me goosebumps to think that this time I won’t be trying to cram everything I want to see and experience into a few precious days.  No, this time I will let this gorgeous city reveal herself to me slowly…the lesser known places and spaces, as spirit and inspiration strike us both.  This time I get to experience it all as a local, while ensconced in my own cozy little apartment in the Marais…Paris’ ancient medieval heart.  I can’t wait to have my days and heartbeat begin to fall into rhythm with this city I love.  How will it change and challenge me?

When I think about all of the wonderful things I can’t wait to get back to, the beautiful gardens, greenery, and hidden courtyards dance playfully in my memory.  They provide  respite for the mind, body and soul from everyday life, or just the constant hum of the city around them.  Most have held their space for centuries, and seem to encourage quiet contemplation and reflection, especially for hopeless daydreamers like me.  I have to admit, my sabbatical to Europe was hatched while sitting in the Jardin du Luxembourg.

In tribute to these sacred places, I am including some pictures that I snapped of the verdure of Paris on my trip last autumn.  If ever you can’t find me, look in the gardens and green spaces of the city of light…


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