Street art – passionate, raw, powerful.  These unsung masterpieces, that brighten and elevate even the most drab corners of our urban landscape captivate me.  The artists motivation is not monetary, or even recognition, as they are most often anonymous.  It is a pure creative expression, an invitation to view the world through their lens.  Their experiences, their dreams, their destiny…poured fourth onto these borrowed canvases.

On yet another one of my self assigned photography missions during my recent trip to Europe, I captured the below images of some colorful, unusual and downright stunning pieces.  Street art takes on so many forms.  Paint, sculpture, mosaic, music, greenery and performance art.  My heart swells at the sight of any and all of the above.  What a joy to witness the power of the human spirit, harnessed in a brush stroke, musical note or other outpouring of creativity.

My sincere gratitude and admiration to anyone who shares their gifts and vision with the world, regardless of the platform used to bring that uniqueness forward, and regardless of what others think.  Share your light with the world, and shine on!  There is a masterpiece laying within all of us, just waiting to be born.



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